Start the selling season strong with CWI social video ad campaigns

Late January-February campaign to keep building resolution related sales momentum

FREE TO KEEP IT FRESH: This bonus “oomph” creative localized for all of our fully managed locations is being added to your social profiles. If you would like to put some additional “oomph” behind in it the form of additional promotion, please contact Michael ASAP.

New Local Campaigns

Details and Ordering

Is your club going Retro 2.0?

We have special campaigns available to help you sell.

Grow Your Membership AND Increase Per Member Revenue

This video commercial has already been delivering thousands of views for Retro Fitness locations. If you would like to promote this to prospective new members in proximity of your club, please approve an additional promotion spend.

  • Reach at least 2000 prospects  $350
  • Reach at least 5000 prospects $650
  • Reach at least 10,000 prospects $1150
  • Reach at least 20,000 prospects $2150

These views are guaranteed, actual views may be higher in your area.

This campaign is available to all Retro Fitness locations.

It includes lead capture link to your Try Us Free form.

See More Examples of recent successful video campaigns.  Offer promotion production videos like these are included in the rates quoted (minimum $650 level).  Additional customization options available by quote.

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