We’re passionate about entrepreneurial approaches to achieving success.  So much so that we’ve committed a portion of our time and resources to help start-ups and also to take the lead on developing ideas where we see value and opportunity.

Ideas in Development

We’re currently leading or participating in business development and marketing of these diverse ventures.

We invest in the success of young companies run by people we believe we can help by providing marketing strategy and creative services, often with deferred and early discounted terms.


Now What?

You Need Resources

We’re aligned with a select group of individual angel investors–each providing a unique perspective along with potential early stage funding.If you would like an invitation to pitch us, please start by telling us more about you, your idea and your state of marketing.  You can also find us on f6s.com.


Featured Venture

Seeder believes in creating a healthier world by improving buildings, specifically reducing the amount of energy that they consume.


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