Relevant Experience

Creating campaigns with compelling content to directly touch key stakeholder audiences with relevant and actionable information.

Powerful Video Stories Delivered With Precision

Together Fisheye Media Productions and Creative Word & Image combine decades of broadcast televison, corporate marketing communications, message strategy and a heavy emphasis on digital media integration and targeted, measurable and dynamic online, social and mobile video delivery.


Every story, whether a capabilities overview like we propose for MCB or ongoing success stories are  emotional, engaging and memorable 

One comparable program FishEye has produced is a series for CitiGroup, entitled “Profiles of Excellence”.  This series takes a documentary style approach to telling the stories of several of the organizations high achievers. Each episode tells a unique success story of an individual who despite significant life challenges is able to become a top performer in their field.

There is nothing more motivating than meeting people just like us who have overcome hurdles to improve their lives.  Whether it is learning how to get and stay fit, or how to adapt to loss of vision as an opportunity to learn new skills and thrive at work, at home and at play.

This is an animated customer information video example. This may be a useful approach to create ongoing reminder messages for helping both employers and MCB beneficiaries take full advantage of programs. 


With tens of thousands of eyecare professionals and hundreds of thousands of employers, this is an example of how recording remote video conversations will provide cost effective opportunities to integrate even more video in MCB communications with its stakeholder audiences.