Multinational Brand Communications

Global Brand Training & Motivation

The Challenge

Communicating to a variety of stakeholders the essence of a brand, its promise and its performance is an enormous task, especially when the brand is global, the audiences multi-lingual and essential to the growth and success of the world’s most recognized family of tire brands.

The Solution

Creative video for sales, marketing, training and motivation for major global brands requires knowledge, appreciation and the ability to translate internal strategies and ideas into powerful, visual messaging.  For nearly a decade, we have been the creative team developing meeting themes, conference presentation, product announcement, dealer support and training videos.

Motivating Themes and Creative Presentations

Training Courses

Annual Meetings

Tire Brands

Client History (Years)

  • Training Content 55% 55%
  • Meeting Theme Videos 20% 20%
  • Brand Positioning 15% 15%
  • Speaker Support 10% 10%

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Supporting the needs and requirements of executives, category and brand teams, CWI provides a wide range of creative concepts, scripting, design and video production deliverables.