Just the Help You Need

If you need help with your professional brand story and how to build it to drive response, consider the benefits of engaging with CWI, beginning with a personal live video coaching session.

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Unleash Video Online

Leverage video and do more to put the power of you in front of the people who matter most.  Your passion, your personality, your vision.


Fix Your Focus

Know your message, your audience and reach them with a focused strategy. Build an active presence through hyper-relevant content and delivery.

Reach, Engage and Grow

Achieve a strong and measurable return on your time. Stop wasting your time with posting and messaging that gets little to no response. Be a business influencer.

Choose the Help You Need Most

To help PUT THE POWER OF YOU in front of your prospects, customers and colleagues to grow your influence and business effectiveness, we’ve out together these get started options.

Brand You

  • Includes CONSULT actions PLUS:
  • Brand Story Development
  • Bio repositioning plan
  • Linked In Profile Action Plan
  • Available contact evaluation (list review)
  • Follow-up recommendations and options

Your Brand Your Team

The ongoing guidance, support and services to maintain and gain.
$500 /per month
  • Requires minimum of BRAND YOU to get started, and we’ll craft a level of support starting at $500 per month that is appropriate for your goals and objectives.
  • Includes:
  • Overall brand management, coaching and advisory (monthly review and reports)
  • Daily monitoring and response across your brand social profiles.
  • Create and publish new content daily or weekly across your networks.
  • Support weekly or monthly remote video production of video news or VLOG channel content.
  • Availability of full creative, marketing and production resources as needed by quote.
  • Paid promotion strategy, creative and ad management resources as needed by quote.
  • This provides you with a marketing team to help you drive the results you seek from your social networking and digital marketing presence.

Don't Be Shy

Still not sure what route you should take to improve your networking results through brand and professional influence building?