Keep Pace and Dominate With Better Social Marketing Instincts

If there was a way to expose thousands more potential prospects to your gym without spending any more money, would you be interested in learning more?

What’s the cost/benefit of having your team commit 10-15 minutes a day to make capturing social stories that will be interesting, engaging and more effective in signing up new members?

The results can be well worth the small investment of time and effort!


A mobile optimized and highly visual learning program designed to motivate, educate and focus your people to be social story superstars.

Since we began working together, the pace of change and power of social marketing has grown exponentially. This new social success program is simple, entertaining and actionable.

For locations we actively support with social marketing services, this program is available to you at no additional cost. All that is required is that your team members be enrolled and we verify that they are on your team. (Up to 5 people per club).

Interested, but not an active CWI supported location?

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