Treating Every Health and Medical Client With Care

Taking a journalistic approach to ensure your story is told factually and compassionately

Our Work In Health, Wellness and Care Services

We have marketing, communication, business development and training experience with clients in nursing home and senior care, telehealth, telepsychiatry and behavioral healthcare.  We understand HIPAA compliance, medicare and insurance marketing constraints and professional credential protocols.

In Development: MindBetter CounselingIn Development: MindBetter Coaching

Telling Your Credible and Caring Digital Brand Story

  • Web sites
  • Business Listings
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Interactive Training (for staff, clients and their families)
  • Targeted Digital Advertising programs

Powerful Video Solutions To Enhance Your Care Brand

  • Brand Image
  • Your Care Services
  • Leadership and Team Profile Bios
  • Concept Explainers
  • Calming What to Expect for clients, patients, families
  • Medical Procedures and Operational Training

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CASE STUDY: Penrose Senior Care Check-In Services

We developed the brand, advised on the business model, created the business pitch deck and supporting materials to close the first round of investor funding for this start-up.  Penrose Senior Care Services * has since been the recipient of numerous care industry and entrepreneurial awards and recognitions.

(* This is not the site we created originally since the business model has since shifted)