Could eLearning be the key to your success?

CWI combines compelling narratives, interactive graphics, and video stories and hosts with instructional design for high impact interactive story eLearning.

Engaging and Impactful e-learning begins with a clear and empowering story.  That means video storytelling, role-plays, demonstrations and visualization that will resonate and be remembered long after the course is completed.

 Our roots are in compelling video content that connects.


See snippets of videos we’ve created for training and education clients to provide a solid foundation to take training to the next level with interactive learning, including audience building teaser campaign videos.

We have years of experience creating online interactive training programs for diverse industries, including health & fitness, automotive and food and beverage.  Our focus is on developing brand and franchise company e-learning training programs.  We’ve seen how franchisors can become overwhelmed with the challenges of training franchisees and their staffs, especially as the company grows and expands into new markets and adds locations.  Consistent online training is essential for maintaining brand integrity and for keeping everyone motivated and focused on growth and exemplary customer service.

CWI EZ eLearning Process

The CWI EZ eLearning Development Method consists of 5 steps that include identifying your audience, learning objectives and messaging, casting, producing and creating the video and multimedia content to deliver unique, engaging, fun and effective training to the learner.
We want to learn as much as possible about your training audience, goals, objectives and any existing training you are currently delivering—everything from PowerPoint presentations to print binders to any material that is currently online. PLEASE COMPLETE THE PRE-DISCOVERY FORM to help jump start this process.  Then we identify the Subject Matter Experts within your organization and work directly with them in subsequent phone and in-person meetings to create a content outline, learning objectives and their related knowledge checks and exam questions. We gather all existing assets and get a full understanding of whether the training program needs to fit into an existing Learning Management System (LMS) or whether one needs to be delivered by us.
Next we create a graphical look and feel, based on your brand, industry, the demographics of the learners, the delivery objectives and the creative framework—whether we’re creating a game, a virtual world, etc. We will develop visual and content along with sample screens for review and approval before proceeding to the next step.
Once we have approval of the “look and feel” the creative framework and how we’re going to segment training topics, development begins. This is an interactive process between your team and ours as we create elements and share them with you for approval. Our Creative and Instructional Design Teams work hand in hand through this phase. During Development, scripts are written, video is mapped out and shot on location, utilizing internal people and professional actors, games, graphics and animations are created.
We call this phase diligence, because we want you to put to the test what is being created so you can have the greatest potential of achieving your e-learning objectives. We provide near final versions for your review, and for limited small group testing within your organization. We’ll take your input and provide a round of changes, or let you know if it is beyond the scope in place.
We deliver the SCORM-compliant courses to the Learning Management System, ensuring that video hosting, scoring, learner tracking and all other technical specs are operating perfectly. Now it’s time to roll out the training to your audience and watch the learning begin!
Our goal throughout the development process is to make this as easy for you as possible.  You and your team are the content experts. Once we know the who you want to train and what you want them to learn and retain, our instructional design and creative production teams take it from there. We put our heads together to map out a training program that is unlike the cookie cutter training programs you may have experienced in the past.  Think games, virtual reality, humorous but revealing video role plays, thought-provoking interactive knowledge checks and opportunities to learn by doing. It’s the kind of training that learners WANT to take, not ones that they’re forced to endure!