SOCIAL IS MARKETING. Remember when it was enough to have a profile and post some content to it? Then we helped clients see the importance of paid promotion and target videos, which led to news ways to track and deliver prospects directly. Today, things are moving even more swiftly in the direction of social relationship along with more precisely targeted and relevant paid promotion.

That’s why we are introducing CWI Marketwise mobile video learning. Launching first with client support programs, watch for a slew of additional courses in the coming months.

Our goal is to share some of the hows and whys. Today the help you need is a little less doing it for your, and lot more guiding, coaching, challenging and making your messages are polished, targeted and driving bottom line results. What’s happening on social must be supported on the inside and even more importantly, what is happening on the inside is being turned into more powerful, more fun, more emotional social storytelling that is driving meaningful business results.

CWI Marketwise