CWI and Sociallybuzz to empower Localize Your Franchise.

Creative Word & Image (CWI) drives social marketing strategy for major brands and franchise operators with an increased concentration on collaboration and localization to aggressively convert social activity and engagement into tangible business.

“Social today is all about being locally present, relevant and customer responsive,” said Michael Shoer, CWI’s Managing Partner, Brand Strategy and Social Marketing Director. “Brand down content doesn’t cut it and every location must be actively engaged with prospects and customers on a local level. This is a real pain point for local franchise owners with limited resources for staffing or even hiring local agencies.”

CWI has pioneered the “Localize Your Franchise” approach to drive social leads, customer conversions for established franchises like Retro Fitness, multi-unit businesses like Urban Active as well as for restaurant groups like Buckhead Life Restaurant Group and Wild Apple.

Sociallybuzz has successfully grown customer sales for franchises including Domino’s Pizza, Jamba Juice and Cream, among others.  The company has also developed the Sociallybuzz app to enable local business owners to have the real-time data to monitor and manage their businesses more successfully.

“Bringing our experience, our tools and resources together to innovate strong content and advertising programs for franchise operators and owners just makes sense,” said Socially Buzz Founder and CEO Andre Kay.

The Sociallybuzz and CWI alliance will serve clients with consolidated social strategy, content management, campaign execution and industry leading digital-social advertising and innovation.

About Creative Word & Image Inc.

Creative Word & Image is based in Atlanta, and specializes in marketing communications content for global brands that includes video, online training as well as digital strategy and social marketing management.  The company was founded in 2004, after being spun off from the broadcast syndication company, NewsProNet to serve corporate clients with powerful video and content marketing solutions.

About Sociallybuzz Inc. 

Sociallybuzz is based in Miami is a social media marketing, management, reputation & campaign company.  Sociallybuzz, founded in 2009, helps businesses grow using social media and data.