Social-Digital Strategy For Locations

The Challenge

A young and fast growing fitness franchise with a largely regional footprint needed an aggressive and effective strategy to open new locations in new markets in a fast and flexible way.

The national expansion required both brand awareness and hyper local relevance to establish a strong community foothold in such a highly competitive business growth category.

Our local strategy is now S.O.P.

Localize Your Franchise

The Solution

CWI worked closely with corporate marketing to develop a branded location strategy that includes brand awareness, location presence, early lead acquisition, managed content, targeted advertising across social, digital and mobile channels.  The success key for franchisees is the collaborative teamwork to ensure consistency, responsiveness, reputation management, franchisee coaching and most critically a way to measure and report real and tangible business results.

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Increasing Social Leads

Facebook Check Ins

Franchise Location social profiles supported by CWI represented 5.9 social check-ins, and a combined total of 106, 900 page likes as of 12/15/2015.

Social Engagement

68.8K unique users engage with the brand through CWI managed location profiles.

The Impact of Targeting

More than 54% of all social brand impressions came as a result of digital-social targeting campaigns based on location proximity, prospect demographics, interests and competitor conquest campaigns managed by CWI.