Watch your business grow with more video that costs less.

Vlog, Video blog, video news, video share (or #bOOMzOOM), whatever you call it,  your need to create ongoing, less costly videos has never been greater.

Our experience producing broadcast news, sizzling marketing videos and compelling social content is what sets us apart from the others.  Put that together with our forward thinking approaches to leveraging low-cost and time saving ways to capture, produce and distribute videos.

You can leverage more video to cut through the clutter with our influence building programs.

Examples of how the right creative, limited production and remote video recording can provide you more powerful business and professional video messaging.    With our help, you can have daily, weekly or monthly videos.

REAL Professionals Mastermind groups provide senior level commercial real estate and development professionals an invitation-only industry hub where they exercise their networks of relationships in a meaningful way.  CWI makes it possible for the company and its members to gain even greater industry influence and new business leads with services that include video bios, daily, weekly and monthly video communication creation and ongoing advisory.



Rick Lackey

Founder & CEO, Real Professionals Network